The Amazing Health Benefits Of Beer

Brits really do appreciate the health benefits of beer, and so should the rest of us. But, it can’t just be any kind of beer, it has to be “proper” beer that has been brewed from hops. All beer used to be brewed from hops in the UK, but now chemical low quality beers have been introduced. The fact is that most beer that we drink, may not be good for us. If, you are serious about the true health benefits of ale, look no further than an English free house. A Free House is a pub where the owner, licensee, is allowed to serve beer from independent breweries. They are simply the best!

English Beer Breweries

Not only does beer have some amazing health benefits, it has a great tradition as well. Lots of English breweries are very proud of their brewing traditions, and you will be pleasantly surprised how carefully ingredients are picked to bring health benefits to the beer. Only the best ingredients are used, and when you have an opportunity you should take a tour around a couple of breweries.

A healthy night out

So, does drinking beer mean a healthy night out? It is absolutely true that good health can be found in a pint. A chemical free, natural beer can has a lot of health benefits. Of course, in ancient times, beer was used as bit of cure all. Yes, it was drunk because the natural drinking water was polluted, but it was also drunk because it was healthy.

There are numerous reasons why men and women should drink more beer. A fine ale is not only a man’s drink, it is a smart woman’s drink as well. Women who drink ale, or beer, on a regular basis suffer less from osteoporosis. Beer and ale contains a range natural minerals which can help to balance female hormones. One of them, phosphorus, is often included in sexual enhancement drugs, and can act as an aphrodisiac for women. The latest versions of sexual enhancement drugs such SX do contain elevated quantities of phosphorus, but it could be better to half a pint of beer instead.

Most beers and ales are very rich in magnesium. This trace mineral is naturally found in hops, but because a great deal is used when beer is produced, the magnesium content in beer becomes more concentrated. Magnesium can help you to sleep better and will improve muscle strength. It is the go to mineral if you suffer from leg cramps, or muscle spasms. Beer might be able to help with all of it.

Magnesium is associated with a lowered risk of gall stones. Patients who have low magnesium levels are more likely to suffer from gallstones and kidney stones. Of course, it probably helps that a serious beer drinker tends to drink more fluids as well.

Despite what some may think, natural beer and ale, are both low in sugar content. Drinking beer may even help you to lower your risk diabetes type 2 and, lower high blood pressures. Regular beer drinkers do after all have higher levels of potassium in their blood. Potassium is what helps us to control our blood pressure. If, beer drinkers stayed away from salty bar snacks , they would probably have a lot better blood pressure than the rest of the population.

The downside is of course that beer contains alcohol, but even a little bit of that is good for you. It can help to relax your arteries which further lowers your blood pressure. Once you start looking at beer, and some good quality wines, you soon realize that both can have some major health benefits and can be included in a responsible, healthy diet. Maybe we should not be so frighten of beer.

In the UK you can enjoy a beer at home. Some of the better breweries sell their own beers through major supermarket outlets. Once you start reading the labels, you will find that most of the beers that you can buy, are full of natural goodness. A craft beer in the UK seldom contains artificial ingredients that can do you more harm than good. Once, you have found a favorite brewery, you can start to enjoy the health benefits of beer at home and in the pub.