The Best Vitamins for Memory

Our brains still beat the most advanced super computers that we have been able to assemble. Understanding how the brain works may be complicated, but we can, in fact, compare some of the functions of our brains to that of a computer or software program.

Just like a computer our brains have various folders and files where information is stored. One of the most important functions of the brain is to help to store memory, and this is a huge task. It can be difficult to explain how memory works, and the simplest way is to do a little experiment.

Memory Experiment

Open up Youtube, and search for Celine Dion singing the Titanic theme song. Start playing the song, sit back and close your eyes. In a millisecond your brain will flood you with different memories it has stored relating to this song.

You will see images of Celine Dione and from the movie itself, and you can even access a verse of the song before you hear Celine sing it. What just happened? Your brain went on auto pilot and decided to search relevant files and folders according to the input it was receiving.

Each brain cell has its own unique personal network, PAN or Ethernet according to the techies, and can access files for voice, facial and image recognition in an instant. As a matter of fact, your brain has just accessed the information stored in 10,000 brain cells all at once. How’s that for computing power?

You may think that this experiment was trivial, but similar exercises can lead to an increase in memory recall. However, there are also vitamins for memory and a supplement such as Gingko Biloba that may help to support your memory function as well.

Memory Loss

Why do so many of us suffer from memory loss? There are many reasons behind memory loss, but the good news is that we can do something about it. Computers rely on a power source to function and so does our memory.

Ensuring that you eat the right type of vitamins for memory is important, and you also need to know which are the best vitamins for memory. There are a whole range of vitamins that should be called “improve memory vitamins”, and most of us know them as the vitamin B group.

The best vitamins to improve memory can be found within the vitamin B group, and without this range of vitamins, our brain and memory function would not work at all. As a matter of fact, our entire nervous system would go off-line.

Vitamins for Brain Function

Our brain function needs all the vitamins of the vitamin B group to work together. When they don’t, we will experience memory problems, and some of us may even experience what has been called “Brain Fog”. It is widely recognized that “Brain Fog” relates directly to inadequate vitamin B levels and poor micro circulation.

Our modern day diet is low in vitamin B and we are exposed to many environmental hazards that affect our uptake of this group of nutrients. On top of that, micro circulation is reduced because of the many toxins we “upload” on an everyday basis.

Natural is Best

Apart from making sure that you are getting your vitamin B, you need to find a way of improving micro circulation. Gingko Biloba is known to increase micro circulation, and this supplement has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many thousands of years.

Chinese doctors have for a long time taken a keen interest in memory loss and memory. They realized early on that the brain is responsible for memory function, and noticed that Gingko Biloba is the best natural treatment for memory improvement.

Finding out that Gingko Biloba is the best “improve memory supplement” took Western doctors over 2000 years. Finally, they discovered glycolides and many other natural acids which support micro circulation can be found in the right combination in the products made from the leaves and roots of Gingko tree.

Support your brain – Support your memory

We should not hesitate to take a supplement which can help to support better memory and brain health. What would happen if this control center forgot one day to send the right signal to our heart and lungs? We would “stop to respond” and many scientists now believe that this is what happens when we die.

If we can keep our brains healthy, we would be able to live longer and lead better lives. Taking a supplement to support your brain is just as important as many other supplements.