Calcium Supplements

If someone asked you to point out the major examples of calcium presence in our body then undoubtedly, the fingers would point to the bones and teeth. These can be ‘felt’ in our body. However, calcium in the form of ions is quite different from what you may perceive it to be in the powdered form. Calcium ions are absorbed by our body (blood) and used in various locations throughout including the nervous system.

A High Grade Calcium Supplement

Currently, the best grade calcium supplement can be found in the coral calcium from the shores of Okinawa, Japan. However, beware of spurious products as these corals off Okinawa are not fossilized corals. These are naturally grown corals, especially for the purpose of pharmaceutical industries and find usage in food fortification too. If someone is trying to sell you ‘fossilized’ coral calcium under the name of Okinawa, Japan – make sure you steer clear of the deal. This is important because not only destroying the fossilized coral reserves illegal but also have some unwanted minerals which can affect our health.
The purest and the highest grade calcium can be found in the coral calcium from Okinawa only.

Calcium as an Important Mineral in Our Body

Calcium can be obtained from a variety of foods such as green vegetables and dairy products. However, the amount of calcium in green vegetables is quite low and to get the sufficient amounts, we would either have to consume loads of vegetables or drink lots of milk. This is impossible; as we grow older, we need external calcium supplements to keep our bones from becoming brittle or even maintain the electrolytic balance in the body – here comes the real advantage of calcium supplements. And as mentioned already, the best supplement can be obtained from coral calcium off the shores of Okinawa in Japan.

Let us see how calcium-levels in our body affect our nervous system. Calcium effectively acts as a ‘buffer’ in the blood and lymph. That is, it regulates the pH of our body and does not allow it to become increasingly acidic or basic. This in turn helps regulate the ion concentration in our body on which the well-being of the nervous system depends. The nervous system works on electrical impulses throughout the body and these impulses provide the ‘signals’ for bodily functions to take place.

Proper amounts of calcium in the body also helps in maintaining other metal ion absorption like iron which in turn regulates the hemoglobin content in the blood. This is again responsible for providing energy and stamina to us. Believe it or not but our brain works at an optimum voltage and similar to a DC battery, the calcium ions present in the body help the flow of uninterrupted electrical impulses to and from the brain to the network of nerves throughout our body.

As we grow older, the calcium loss is pronounced and hence to replenish the amount of calcium lost, we need to supplement it with high grade calcium – that comes from coral calcium only!