Effective Candida Cleanse Regimens

candidaThe candida yeast has a natural place in the flora that lives in our intestines. It usually lives in a kind of ‘ you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ arrangement with the bacteria in our bodies. Candida is pretty toxic by itself; it is when the bacteria in our bodies work to keep it in check that all remains well (see – bacteria are our friends!). When this fails to happen, you’ll know – you get an upset stomach, your skin breaks out, you’re anxious all the time, and you’re always tired. When you hear from your doctor that you have a problem of this description, a Candida cleanse regime is usually on the cards for you. Most people, before they actually take a heavy-duty prescription course from a doctor, try over-the-counter treatments to see if they can handle the problem themselves.

The market for candida cleanse products happens to be a pretty heavily populated one. Let’s go over them one by one to help you try to see which the best ones might be for your circumstances. Most people have a great time with antifungal candida products. These come armed with all kinds of natural ingredients – olive leaf, walnut and grapefruit seeds among them, and can be very effective against fungal infections. The probiotic candida products on the market work by cleverly introducing into your system a good deal of probiotic bacteria that help keep the fungal population in your gut down. While these bacteria could be very effective in the intestines, they quickly die in the stomach on their way there, and you probably have to take a pretty long course to have any bacteria actually reach the place in your body where they will be any good.

The treatment that offers polysaccharides helps maintain a Candida free body after a cleansing regimen has done its work. These contain certain sugars that good fungus tends to prefer The hope is that the good fungus can beat out the candida. They come with in with no side effects. All they ask of you is that you be careful that you diet, that you bring in the right kinds of foods into your diet and stay away from the wrong kinds. Make sure that you include lots of fruits, lots of fresh vegetables, and make sure that you don’t eat anything with yeast in it – like bread. Anything that is a fungus actually is usually safe to avoid – that would mean anything that’s fermented, or mushrooms. The effects of a candida cleansing regimen will likely stay with you forever with little maintenance too.